Exploring China for a Week in Bellevue

No matter if you have been to China or not, a week at one of NeoPrime’s Chinese Summer Camps will be a great way to understand the fundamentals of the Chinese language, improve your Chinese language skills and experience Chinese culture. The goal of NeoPrime is to teach students to appreciate the core values of Chinese language and culture.


In the weekly summer camps, students will experience our unique human-centered curriculum, live the language and explore the culture. All activities are designed to inspire students creativity, persistence, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.


Daily themes: Centering on Chinese language learning, campers dive in the build a fascinating culture theme each day.

Daily activities: In addition to Chinese language learning and cultural enrichment, we will have movies, games, stories and singing as part of our daily fun.

Camper groups: Campers will be grouped according to their ages. Tot Tiger Pack: 3 to 6, Junior Tiger Pack: 7 to 11. Tiger Pack: 12 and above.

Camp Leaders: All of our camp leaders are bilingual educators. They will become your child’s best friends at the end of the day.

Camper groups: Campers will be grouped according to their ages. Tot Tiger Pack: 3 to 6, Junior Tiger Pack: 7 to 11. Tiger Pack: 12 and above.

Camp Leaders: All of our camp leaders are bilingual educators. They will become your child’s best friends at the end of the day.



Daily themes in details:

Chinese Calligraphy   Like Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy is highly regarded in the realm of world cultural phenomena. Chinese calligraphy is more than the product of thousands of years of Chinese language—it is also considered an artistic expression of the Chinese character. As a highly esteemed art, Chinese calligraphy continues to maintain an important presence in modern Chinese culture. Chinese calligraphy is life, experienced through energy in motion; practicing it will benefit students by improving mindfulness and building character.

和中国汉字一样,中国书法通过其不朽的魅力屹立于世界文化瑰宝之巅。中国书法不仅是几千年 劳动人民的智慧结晶,更是中国传统汉字书写的特有艺术。作为特殊的艺术形式,寄托着中华名 族的艺术灵魂,中国书法无疑是中华文化传承和发展的重要载体。写毛笔字需要时间的沉淀,经 历的投入,和思想的融合,对孩子修身养性有极大的帮助。


Martial Arts (Kung Fu)   Chinese martial arts, often known as Kung Fu, have a long and rich history. Serving the purposes of fitness, self-defense, counterattack and strike, Kung Fu is still relevant in the modern world and remains famous for its cultural meanings and numerous variations. Kung Fu also made China and many Chinese people well-known across the world. Children who are still growing can also benefit from practicing Kung Fu, which helps condition the body and stabilizes mental and emotional states.

中国武术具有悠久的历史,集健身,护体,防敌,制胜为一体,作为四大国粹之一在当今社会中 别有风采。自唐宋过后,中国武术就因其文化底蕴丰富和种类繁多而名传四海,很多亚洲和西欧 国家都是通过武术知道的中国。而练习中国武术对于正在成长的孩子们更是有增强心智和陶冶情 操的益处。

Folk Arts   Chinese folk arts have always been famous for its diversity and rich history. Shadow play, paper cutting, textile arts, embroidery and dragon dance all continue to inspire many modern arts and are still practiced today. Our students will learn about the various forms of folk arts and their distinct history.

谈起丰富多彩,历史悠久的民间艺术,许多人都会津津乐道 – 皮影戏,剪纸,编织,绣花,狮子 舞……每一种艺术都经过历史的沉淀,在中华文化中熠熠生辉。通过对中国民间艺术的讲解,孩 子们会对各种艺术形式都有初步的了解。

Japanese Manga & Origami   The Japanese manga industry has been enjoying rapid growth in the past ten years and manga benefits from its own unique cultural qualities. Origami comes from two Japanese words: ori (to fold) and kami (paper). Originating from the urge to create imaginary three-dimensional objects, origami has become a form of art, as well as a symbol of peace and goodwill. We will provide our students the time and space to read a manga or create their origami art, which can help improve both self-control and mindfulness.

日本的漫画产业在过去十年里可谓深得人心,其发展模式具有鲜明的民族特色。而手工折纸 (Origami)来自于两个词:ori(折叠),和 kami(纸)。最开始的折纸只是人们对物体形象的 想象,现在发展到对艺术的享受,甚至是和平与善念的象征。让孩子们安静下来读一本感兴趣的 漫画或者折纸,对其意志力的自控力有极大帮助。

Chinese Tea Ceremony & Flower Arrangements   Tea is more than just a drink in Chinese culture—it is also a form of spiritual enjoyment, a form of art, or even a practice. Chinese tea culture is strongly influenced by Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Similarly, Chinese flower arrangement is also a practice that calms the mind. Our students can learn about Chinese tea culture and flower arrangement while they experience the mindfulness and enjoy hands-on activities of these two cultural routines.

茶在中华文化中不仅仅是止渴的饮料,也是一种精神上的享受,是一种艺术,或是一种修身养性 的手段。而茶道更是融合了道,儒,佛的宗教思想。同样的,插花也是一门修炼心境的艺术。中 国作为东方式插花的起源国,有着深厚的文化底蕴。让孩子在嬉戏时也体验体验茶道和花道的艺 术传承,对其身心成长和发展具有深远的影响。

No Prior Chinese Prerequisite: it is totally fine if you are a new Chinese language learner. We introduce Chinese language and culture in an easy and fun way. We give you the gift of effective Chinese language learning strategy and walk with you along the way.

Healthy Lunch and Snacks (optional): we can optionally provide healthy lunches and snacks, so you don’t have to worry. We source our healthy food selections from reputable caterers. Campers will learn how to connect with their foods and build healthy diet habits.

Financing Available: NeoPrime Summer Camps are now open for registration! Financing is available with 25% down at the time of registration and with monthly payment afterwards.

Class Schedule

Note: All camps run Monday – Friday
Full Day: 9:00AM to 4:00PM with lunch at Noon
Half Day: 9:00AM to 12:00PM or 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Before Camp Drop-off: 8 AM to 9 AM Fee: No Charge
After Camp Pickup: 4:00PM to 6:00PM Fee: No Charge
After 6PM $15.00 per hour

Summer Camp Before and After Hours Policy

Full Day Camp ($350.00)

Morning Half Day Camp ($175.00)

Afternoon Half Day Camp ($175.00)