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This class introduces students to the languages and technologies of web site design.

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This class introduces students to the languages and technologies of web site design. This includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the core technologies. We then expand on this foundation to include jQuery, SQL, PHP and MySQL. This class also includes lessons on XML and JSON for data transfer between web server and client.

This class is a hands-on class where students will apply what they learn to real world examples. During this class, we will develop a “Contact Management System” using MySQL and PHP on the web server to store data. This will provide a foundation to both understand how to display data in a web browser, but also how to manage data on a web server.

This class runs on Saturdays from 1 PM to 3 PM for 10 weeks. From 3 PM to 5 PM the instructor will be available for additional lab work and one-on-one help in class. In addition to normal class time, students will be supported via email and telephone during the week in-between classes.

Note: This class is designed for students 10 – 17 years old.

Note: As part of this class we will build a web server from a Raspberry Pi 3 computer. Please purchase one from Amazon. Product details. Current price $74.99. We will also teach how and assist in registering a web domain and email from Google Domains and introduce Amazon Web Services (AWS). Student will need a credit card, debit card or gift card to pay for the Google services. Estimated cost less than $25.00.

Financing: Financing for this class is available. Due at registration: $150.00, with 5 monthly payments of $89.00. Credit application fee of $25.00 due at registration.


After completing this class, students will understand how and be able to build basic web sites. They will have a basic understanding of the technologies involved. With this foundation, students will be able to select more advanced areas to tackle such as the various “frameworks” for building web sites.

Additional Classes

A follow-on class will be offered to teach web site design using WordPress, shopping cart design with Shopify and Woocommerce and payment integration with Amazon Pay, Stripe and PayPal. This class will be a week-long afternoon summer camp offered once per month (June, July and August 2017).

We are creating a class on developing with Amazon Compute and Storage services in JavaScript and PHP for this summer’s session.


Introduction to the World Wide Web, the Internet and the core technologies of web sites: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Introduction to Contact Management Systems. Here we begin coding web pages using HTML and CSS.
Introduction to JavaScript.
More JavaScript.
Applying JavaScript to manage our web pages.
Introduction to XML and JSON. In this class, we will develop a list of contacts stored in XML and JSON and then display this data in our contact management form.
Introduction to the PHP language and how to integrate PHP with a web server.
Introduction to the SQL language and the MySQL database server. We will learn how to store our contacts into MySQL and how to use PHP to access this information using SQL.
Introduction to the jQuery JavaScript library. We improve our contact form using jQuery adding numerous valuable features.
Advanced topics including career advice.



Additional information


Class starts March 25, 2017 and continues every Saturday for 10 weeks.


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