Happy Chinese

Happy Chinese is a series of classes designed for young Chinese learners who are 16 and under, both non-native and native Chinese speakers. Happy Chinese classes offer a friendly Chinese learning approach. Starting by engaging students’ interests, kindling their curiosity of China and Chinese culture, we bring the Chinese language to life. Students understand what China is, realize that China is not that far away, and discover Chinese elements everywhere around them. The classes emphasize on “learn it, use it”, and encourages students to effectively communicate in Chinese in the real world.
Outcomes: Students will be able to communicate in Chinese in daily life and academic environment. They can read and write middle level Chines literacy materials.
Textbook: “Hello Huayu!”, published by Taiwan Kangxuan Culture Group. Edited with the 5C approach- communication, comparison, communities, connections and culture, this series of “Hello Huayu!” bring students to real life scenarios. The series consist of 12 sets of picture style textbooks, eBooks and workbooks. Other than the attached CD, the eBooks displays the textbook contents in cartoon clips. No worries if your students forget something in the class, just open their eBooks on the computer and play the scenes. The materials will easily jog their memories. The eBooks are also interactive with drawing, playing, and highlighting functions. Our students report that they don’t want to stop the fun!

Additional resources: Engaging Quizlet vocabulary, animated character tracing, interesting fact sheets, material rich handouts, fun worksheets, playful role plays, and more.