Description: Nothing beats the joy of speaking Chinese and make a real conversation. The warm responses from the Chinese people will best reward the Chinese learners and encourage their continuous learning. To get the young learners start on speaking Chinese, we adopt a “learn it, use it” approach.

We design various scenes, costumes, props, dialogues, and put the kids into the roles they play. Students will start by learning the vocabulary and sentences required in the scenes, and then dive into their roles. The class is taught with 95% Chinese. Students can use gestures if they are lost in Chinese.  

Outcomes: Students can make basic level conversations in Chinese. Building on the scene language learning, students can expand their vocabularies and gain confidence of learning Chinese. This is a tried and true model, and most popular in the young learners.

Speaking Level A #1: Pet clinic

Speaking Level A #2: Chinese restaurant

Speaking Level A #3: Famer’s market

Speaking Level A #4: Who’s foot prints?