Do you have the feeling that you know every single word in a sentence, but still cannot figure out the meaning? Do people ever tell you that your Chinese sounds like Chinglish? This series take a close look at the characteristics of Chinese grammar and how they compare to English grammar. Join us today to step up your Chinese game.

Grammar 101: Chinese sentence structure 

Description: We will look at the basic Chinese sentence structure in a statement. We will also discuss how to how to ask questions in the 5 essentials “who, where, when, how and what”.

Outcomes: Students will understand the sentence structure difference between Chinese and English. They will build some basic statements and questions

Grammar 102: Verbs explained in tenses 

Description: We will discuss the 5 basic tenses, and how the verb behaves in those tenses.

Outcomes: Students will understand the rule of basic Chinese tenses and have fun switching the tenses effortlessly.