Our Mini Mandarin Lessons are designed to cover a variety of essential topics, such as understanding, speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language. Each lesson is 45-minute, independent of the other lessons and focus on one specific section of the topic. Simply pick a lesson that interests you or fits your schedule. 

Upon finishing one single lesson, students will unlock an honor badge and earn “gold coins”. Once completing all the lessons in the specific topic, students will receive a fine certificate and redeem their “gold coins” for any fun objects they desire. Most of the Mini Lessons require no pre-requisites; Come with no prior knowledge of Chinese and leave with the confidence of using what you learned right away. Interested in other topics? We are happy to hear from you and continue rolling out topics in high demand! 

Free- Getting started with Chinese! – building a Chinese learning road map

Topic #1 Top Characters: The Lego Blocks of Chinese Characters

Topic #2 Pronunciation: Pinyin- pronounce any Chinese words with Pinyin

Topic # 3 Grammar: Make your Chinese sound natural

Topic # 4 Reading and listening make easy: mini story goes a long way

Topic # 5 Speaking is magical: making basic conversations and achieve basic fluency

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