Our classes

Measurable Results: Our innovated curriculum and proven teaching approaches are effective, joyful and long-lasting. We are HSK and HSKK oriented. Students live in the language. Other than the regular textbooks and workbooks, students are immersed in daily dairy, weekly world news, monthly newsletters.

Small Class Size: Max 10 small class size with bilingual teachers. Each student get individualized attention and customized instructions.

Data driven performance management: All classwork, homework, self-quiz, exam results data are taken and analyzed to identify the strength and weakness of student performance. Teachers emphasize on fixing the existing issues in a timely manner, without over drilling on the already mastered materials.

Our words to you:

Be consistent: Setting up a Chinese learning routine. Instead of dragged out 2 hours, a focused 15 minutes a day will make a difference.

Be joyful: In addition to hard memorization, learn naturally through learning. A safe and relaxed environment naturally makes students want to learn more.

Be powerful: Living the language promotes pride and confidence. Experience the magical moment of actual communication!









Program & Course Fees

NeoPrime customizes its classes based upon each student’s individual needs and learning style. We provide a range of courses to maximize learning potential. Five categories are offered most Saturdays. Each course costs $300.00 per semester except for the HSK Business classes which are $995.00 each.

Summer Camp 2017

No matter you have been to China or not, a week in NeoPrime Chinese Summer Camp will be a great way to understand the fundamentals of Chinese language, keep up your Chinese language skill and experience the Chinese culture.
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YCT Class

YCT stands for Youth Chinese Test. Launched by Hanban – Office of Chinese Official Language Council International, YCT is affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. YCT promotes “learning through testing” and encourages students to effectively communicate in the real world.
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HSK Business

This HSK Business class is taught in Mandarin and designed for students who have no prior Chinese language experience. This class prepares students to effectively communicate in the business world.
The class includes an introduction to Chinese business etiquette.
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Private Mandarin Lessons

Offered by Desiree Yuan, the Program Director of NeoPrime. Desiree is a native Chinese bilingual with 5+ years of teaching and mentoring experience. She is innovative at teaching and great with students.
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Children’s Fun House

Mandarin Children’s Fun House promotes “learning through playing”. Studies show that children learn best in a fun and engaging environment. Students can start with no Chinese background and learn at their own pace. This class introduces students to simple Chinese words, phrases and sentences while improving a student’s learning interests, by applying Mandarin into their play time.
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Web Programming Class

This class introduces students to the languages and technologies of web site design. This includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the core technologies. We then expand on this foundation to include jQuery, SQL, PHP and MySQL. This class also includes lessons on XML and JSON for data transfer between web server and client.
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