About NeoPrime Chinese

Incorporated in July 2016, NeoPrime Chinese was formed from the former “Episcopal Chinese School” which was over 10 years old. NeoPrime admits students from every ethnicity. We are currently a Saturday school serving preschool, primary school, middle school and adults. During the summer we offer weekly summer camps.

NeoPrime teaches Chinese language from an American perspective, while respecting the core values of the Chinese language and culture. Striving to create a natural immersion environment, we combine both modern and traditional teaching philosophies. All our classes are designed to inspire students’ creativity and real life application. We also incorporate Chinese calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Chinese martial arts and guqin into Chinese language teaching. We guide students to think about the origin of life, respect nature, and understand the principles of Dao.

NeoPrime is conveniently located in a quiet location in Bellevue. We are only minutes away from Bellevue College, Bellevue Botanical Garden, Lake Hills Library and Crossroad shopping mall. Our two-story building is simple and humble. All fixtures – six spacious and bright classrooms, students store and lounge area, outdoor play ground, big natural lawn, and garden boxes are designed to serve the communication between human and nature, body and soul.

We believe environmental resources, such as location, structure, space, atmosphere, decorations, color and material etc., plays a subtle role towards education.  However, limited by the hard rental condition, we can only design small local parts to symbolize Chinese culture. For instance, we use scroll paintings, ancient music, kendo etc. to build a high mountain and flowering water artistic concept.




花盛书院闹中取静地隠位于Bellevue区。距离Bellevue学院,Bellevue植物园,Lake Hills图书院和Crossroad购物中心只有几分钟的车程。我们的二层小楼建筑简朴洁静。所有书院的人文环境全部以人为本。楼外开辟有幼儿游乐场所,大片天然草坪,及人造园圃,强调人与自然,身与心的交流。


rear view of elementary school students learning chinese writing on chalkboard

A few Words About NeoPrime Chinese

More Chinese more communication power


NeoPrime Chinese was founded with one goal in mind – to make you fluent in Chinese. Language is a powerful communication tool connecting people around the world. Nothing beats the joy of freely switching between different languages

Our Resource Team consists of English speaking native Chinese teachers who specialize in helping students to understand Chinese from an American perspective.

The Advising Team offers one-on-one support, exploring resources and directions towards a student’s ultimate learning goals. We analyze each student’s learning style and identify the best way to motivate the student to reach his or her full potential.

The Instruction Team is passionate in passing on its knowledge and skills to our students. We provide a range of classes, including YCT Prep, Traditional Mandarin, Traditional Cantonese, Children’s Fun House and HSK Business Chinese. 

Applying to NeoPrime Chinese

  1. Book a free 30 minutes assessment for placement if your current proficiency level is unknown.
  2. Complete the Application Form, and email it to neoprime@npchinese.com.
  3. Tuition is due at the time of registration. Please make payment online or by check.

Why study at NeoPrime Chinese?

Our Proven Teaching Approach

With over 10 years of development and innovation in teaching Chinese, we are confident in our ability to teach Chinese.

Be consistent: Setting up a Chinese learning routine. 15 minutes a day will make a difference.

Be joyful: Other than hard memorization, playing is a also part of learning. Fun naturally makes students want to learn more.

Be powerful: Living the language promotes communication. Language is a communication tool. Students will experience the magical moment when they actually see results. This brings pride and confidence.

Our Facility

Located in a quaint, heritage listed hub in the heart of Bellevue, within a few minutes’ drive from Bellevue College, Bellevue Lake Hill Library, Crossroad Shopping Center, and Bellevue Botanical Garden, NeoPrime is settled in a spacious and cheerful environment.

Our school features six bright classrooms equipped with audio and visual resources, lounge area for relaxing between classes, snack bar, and an outdoor playground.

Business Affiliations

NeoPrime Chinese is a member of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. Click here for our membership page. When possible we exhibit at Chamber events, participate in business luncheons, do presentations, etc.