Fall Semester Starts September 9, 2017

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 Teacher and students viewing globe in geography classroom

Teacher and students viewing globe in geography classroom

During the last century, China has become the second largest economy in the world. More and more people are revisiting China’s history and economic importance. Actively studying Chinese language and culture gives people assurance of the future.

Meanwhile, over a long time, the biggest bewilderment of overseas Chinese is the loss of Chinese cultural source. The breaking of Chinese culture negatively impacts communication within the family. Besides survival and building a future in the United States, inheriting the Chinese root while adopting other cultures has become an important task.

NeoPrime builds a bridge of the East and the West. With teaching Chinese language and culture, we enhance everyone’s lives regardless of their backgrounds. The Internet connects people to the world while we educate people to be world citizens who respect their own families and appreciate their mother culture. In China, the plum flower symbolizes persistence, hope, purity and beauty. At NeoPrime, we focus on both intelligence and emotion. Our students are  just like plum blossoms in the snow.




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Summer Camp Curriculum Published

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Staff Meeting: Summer Camp Planning

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Testimonials from Parents and Students

Aug, 2016. “Desiree Yuan has been our daughter’s Mandarin instructor for more than two years now. Thanks to Desiree’s excellent teaching skills, her experience in working with younger children, her persistence, patience and energy, Maxime is fluent in listening and oral comprehension. She started reading and writing and will take the HSK test this winter. We could not be more proud and grateful to Desiree. The fact that several of our daughter’s friends have started to work with Desiree is testament to Desiree’s outstanding ability to teach Mandarin”.

—- Silke and Craig Johnstone, Executive of Boeing, Retired U.S. Ambassador, Seattle, WA


Oct, 2016. “Desiree has been an amazing teacher for our daughter. We love her focus and structure which has been missing in previous tutors as well as her long term vision of skill building and growing to meet different standards. Her use of technology be it new apps, test taking programs or other resources help mix it up for our daughter and allow her to engage between lessons which is so important. We would heartily recommend Desiree and her school to students interested in seriously growing their Mandarin skills.”

—- Pamela and Gary Fritz, Senior VP of Axiom, Seattle, WA


Dec, 2016. “Although I didn’t fully appreciate it at first, learning Chinese at NeoPrime has proved to be a valuable experience. The small class sizes are what set this school apart from the rest. I received a lot of personal attention from my teachers. They were devoted to helping us develop a true understanding of Chinese language and culture, and the rigor of the coursework gave me the skills I needed to earn a top score on the AP Chinese exam. “

“虽然我最初没有重视学习中文, 后来却发现这是一个宝贵的经验。圣公会中文学校与衆不同的地方就是它的小班教学,老师们可以根据每个学生的进度而给他们适当的教导,他们也致力帮助学生充分理解中国语言和文化。紧密的课程提供必须的智识,让我在AP考试获得很好的成绩。”

—— Tiffany C., Bellevue Christian School, Bellevue, WA

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