Staff Training Seminar: A Day on Education, Diversity and Safety

Bellevue, WA – Monday, April 14, 2017

In doing we learn.    –George Herbert

Continuous staff training always better equips us to serve our students and families. NeoPrime Chinese will have a training seminar on pedagogy, regulations, and school safety as outlined below.

Educational Psychology

Integrated nature and nurture combine to influence a child’s cognitive development. To follow the natural development of our student’s cognitive skills and better accommodate the students’ learning, we will learn about different theories focusing on inborn factors as well as social experiences.

Integrated Teaching Methods

A good Chinese teacher knows to use both direct and indirect instructions in his or her class instruction so that our students can get clear, precise demonstration on the Chinese expressions as well as plenty of opportunities to practice what they just learn!

Communication Skills for Teaching

An effective teacher communicates with students, parents, as well as other teachers. Teachers at NeoPrime will go through training on constructive assertiveness, empathetic responding, and problem-solving skills in the classrooms.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

A well-structured and carefully planned lesson will eliminate most of the behavioral problems. Students find themselves actively learning Chinese as if they are in control. Teachers will learn how to create a fun and engaging classroom environment to maximize students’ learning potentials.

Diversity Awareness

At NeoPrime Chinese, we respect and celebrate each student’s individuality. Staff will receive training on cultural awareness, mindful language use and more.

FERPA, HIPPA and Confidentiality

Students privacy is very important to us. The staff will learn about laws and regulations that better protect the rights of students and families. NeoPrime Chinese is no doubt the most trusted learning community for everyone.

Boundary Invasion

Students’ safety is crucial to us at NeoPrime. Staff will review and discuss behaviors are that considered offensive or invasive to students

Bloodborne Pathogens

At NeoPrime, we are always prepared for emergencies. In this session, we will cover, bloodborne pathogens, methods to control contact exposure, and vaccinations. prevention comes first, but we will also stay calm and use our best judgment when an emergency does strike.

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