Mandarin Day Camp

Oct 7th & 14th, 2016

Camp Overview

The camp provides a fun, educational and safe environment for your children. We schedule fun activities, such as Mandarin fun facts, games, movies, stories, books, math and Japanese Manga drawings, in both Mandarin and English for your children. Students will be able to freely choose any activities that attracts their interests or challenges themselves with something new materials.

NeoPrime Chinese is creating a close international community to build life skills and friendships! Students will learn valuable knowledge while having fun.

Special Guest Instructor
The camp has invited National Chess Expert Neo Olin (age 15) to lead and instruct a special chess exhibition. Mr. Olin started to play chess at age 6. Come to get inspired and enjoy learning this fun and healthy game. Washington kids do well at US Open.


$79 for the full day. $49 for the half day.

Purchase Full Day Camp – October 7th

Purchase Half-Day Camp – October 7th

Purchase Full Day Camp – October 14th

Purchase Half-Day Camp – October 14th

Drop-off and pick-up times: 8 AM thru 6 PM

Important Information

  • This is a full-day, one-day Mandarin camp.
  • Nuts, products containing nuts, and products containing shellfish are not permitted.
  • Pizza will be provided during lunch.

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