Chinese Family Member Names – Part 1

Chinese families have a name for everyone. Families are strongly paternal and hierarchical. This blog is part 1 covering immediate family members.

English: family / household
Pinyin: jiātíng
Chinese: 家庭

English: relative (family member)
Pinyin: qīn qi
Chinese: 亲戚

English: spouse
Pinyin: pèi ǒu
Chinese: 配偶

English: child
Pinyin: hái zi
Chinese: 孩子

English: twin
Pinyin: shuāng bāo tāi
Chinese: 双胞胎

English: Father
Pinyin: bàba
Chinese: 爸爸

English: Father (formal speech)
Pinyn: fù qin
Chinese: 父親

English: Mother
Pinyin: māma
Traditional Chinese: 媽媽
Simplified Chinese: 妈妈

English: Mother (formal speech)
Pinyin: mǔ qīn
Chinese: 母親

English: Step-mother
Pinyin: jì mǔ
Chinese: 继母

English: Older brother
Pinyin: gēge
Chinese: 哥哥

English: Younger brother
Pinyin: dìdi
Chinese: 弟弟

English: Older sister
Pinyin: jiě jie
Chinese: 姐姐

English: Younger sister
Pinyin: mèi mei
Chinese: 妹妹

English: Son
Pinyin: ér zi
Traditional Chinese: 兒子
Simplified Chinese: 儿子

English: Daughter
Pinyin: nǚ ér
Traditional Chinese: 女兒
Simplified Chinese: 女儿

English: Husband
Pinyin: lǎo gong
Chinese: 老公

English: Husband (formal speech)
Pinyin: zhàng fu
Chinese: 丈夫

English: Wife
Pinyhin: lǎo pó
Chinese: 老婆

English: Wife (formal speech)
Pinyhin: qī zi
Chinese: 妻子

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